Arrests 03-02-2016

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces arrested each of Samir Abdel Jaber Abu Shtayyeh (19 years), Faris Abu Shtayyeh (23 years) and Abdu Aziz Abdul Kader (20 years) from Kufr Ni’mih town.
Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday, three youths from the Aida refugee camp, north of Bethlehem, and a security source said that Israeli forces arrested Khalil Abdul Rahman Abu Srour (24 years), Farouk Ma’mun Bedier (23 years) and Khalil Musa Al-I’k (23 years), after a raiding and searching their homes.
Bethlehem: Israeli occupation forces arrested the head of the village council of Al-Minya village, in Bethlehem Governorate, Ziyad Kawazibh, and Jamal At-Tarawah, a member of the council, in addition to Kamal Bilal At-Tarawah.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested six citizens from several towns in Hebron. they arrested Mohammed Bassam Gattashh (17 years) at a military checkpoint at the entrance of Al-Fawwar camp in the south. They also arrested Jamal Hussein Taradih (55 years), and Jalal Kamal Taradih (30 years) from Seir town, east of Hebron, after searching their homes and tampering with their contents. They also arrested Yazan Abdullah Shalash Masalmih, 17 years, from Beit Awwa town, southwest of Hebron, and Ali Ahmed Hassan Alhih (25 years) from Surif town, northwest of Hebron.
Nablus: The occupation forces arrested today at dawn, the citizen Amer Saeed al-Masri, 33 years, from the Askar refugee camp after raiding his home.
Nablus: Israeli occupation forces arrested the youth Samer Al Masri from Nablus.

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