Arrests 9-5-2016

Jerusalem: IOF arrested the citizen Firas Nedal Mahmoud from his house in the town of Isaweyah. They also arrested the child Mahmoud Ateyah 17-year-old.

Jerusalem: Israeli army arrested Rami Mohammed Rasheed Oudeh from the Qalandia refugee camp.
Jerusalem: Israeli occupation army arrested Basel Hassan Zyoud from the Qalandia refugee camp.
Jerusalem: IOF raided the town of Khader and arrested Zain al-Dein Sayel Issa 18-year-old, Qasem Yaseen Issa 18-year-old, Hussein Issa 18-year-old, Ahmad Issa 18-year-old, Rabee Issa 18-year-old and Ali Issa 18-year-old.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Eyad Ahmad Tatqatqah 20-year-old from the town of Beet Fajar.
Nablus: IOF arrested Thabet Nassar 34-year-old from the town of Madma.
Jenin: IOF arrested Raed Mahmoud Asaad Mari 22-year-old.
Jenin: IOF arrested Mohammed Ghasan Zyoud 27-year-old.
Ramallah: Israeli army arrested Alaa Assaf a student of Beirzeit University.

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