Israeli Camps to Attract Tourists to simulate IOF killings of Palestinians

English Carbonated TV reported Sunday 17-6-2017 that Israeli is organizing camps attracting international tourists, mostly of US Jews, to give them the chance to simulate Israeli soldiers while killing Palestinians.

There are about six of these horrifying camps in Israeli and West Bank settlements, including Ghush Itsion settlement. These camps give tourists a chance to shoot targets representing Palestinians, using their pictures.

These camps allow tourists to train just like IOF soldiers including models like an explosion in Jerusalem market, stabbing attack and snipers.

The camp “Caliber 3” was established in 2003 in the settlement of Ghush Itsion in West Bank by Colonel Sharon Ghat. It receives 25000 tourists yearly, most of them are US Jews. the price of the ticket is 115 dollars.

The tourists use real guns guided by ex-officials and soldiers in Israeli army.

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