Injuries of Civilians – 19-06-2014

Jenin – Five Palestinian citizens were injured during an Israeli raid in the city of Jenin and its refugee camp. Those injured people were identified as: Ahmad Yousef Ghoul 18-year-old, Yousef Nouh 22-year-old, Ahmad Sameer Abu Obid 17-year-old, Baker Helal Sabe’ 16-year-old, Ameen Khaled Mansour 24-year-old and other dozens suffered suffocation.

Hebron – A number of citizens suffered suffocation during Israeli raids in the city of Hebron where stun grenades and tear gas used by Israeli soldiers. Clashes erupted between Palestinian citizens and Israeli soldiers who stormed Bab al-Zawyah and the commercial center of Hebron through “Container” military checkpoint, located at the entrance of Shuhada street.

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