Education Minister Naftali Bennett Supports Soldiers Who Executed an Unarmed Palestinian

A video was leaked documenting Israeli snipers targeting an unarmed Palestinian youth on the borders of the Gaza Strip. A voice of one of the soldiers was heard guiding his partner to the young Palestinian man, while one of the snipers targeted him directly. Then they celebrated what they did.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett explained that he supports the soldiers who were documented after shooting fire at the Palestinian. He said: “You cannot sit down in a cafe in Tel Aviv while condemning the incident, we do not give up our soldiers”

The minister defended the soldiers who were documented celebrating the killing of a Palestinian on the Gaza Strip border. “Everyone in the field knew that sitting in Tel Aviv is simple, while issuing judgments on the soldiers’ statements is not logic,” he said in an interview with Army Radio.

The soldier who filmed the shooting says to the snipers: kill him with a bullet in the chest .. Do you have bullets in the store?

The sniper (who carries the weapon): Yes. in the meantime, a call from another soldier is heard on the radio asking to kill the demonstrator.

The sniper carrying the weapon says, “It is not possible now because of the wall.” A soldier next to him said, “Come here”.

Offensive insults were issued by the soldier because of his inability to target the youth because of his fast movement.

Suddenly, the Palestinian young man was shot, and sounds immediately were heard next to the sniper who praised his practice, saying “Yes, yes”, amidst a state of rejoice  and issuing words of insults and obscene.

One of the soldiers commented, after the shooting and after the young man fell to the ground, saying: “A very wonderful film. His picture is like “the myth” film, I never saw him before.” Then the soldiers returned to issue more insults against Palestinians.

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