Arrests 12-12-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli forces raided the town of Isaweyah and arrested Mohammad Mosa Hamdan and Ahmad Hasan Derbas.

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Amjad Awar 16-year-old, Moayad Abu Mayyaleh and Foad Qaq 19-year-old. Soldiers also arrested Abed al-Rahman Hamdan from Sira town.

Ramallah: IOF raided Ramallah and arrested Mohammad Omar Hamed, Shadi Azzam and Ahed Issa Rabee.

Bethlehem: Israeli forces raided Taqou town and arrested Mosa Jawdat Amoor 15-year-old and Mahmoud Sameer Omoor 14-year-old.

Jenin: Israeli troops raided Jenin refugee camp and arrested Mosaab Mahmoud Halayjeh 22-year-old and his uncle Ahmad Mosa Halayjeh 50-year-old.

Hebron: IOF arrested Mohammed Khaled Abu Sil 25-year-old, Mohammed ABu Rayya 28-year-old, Bahaa Majed Rai 23-year-old, Ayham Naser Jundi 26-year-old, Khader Yousef Madi and Adam Amjad Awiwi 20-year-old.

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