Military Checkpoints – 21-06-2014

Ramallah – The occupation army strengthened the siege A’roura village, and subjected all the passers-by its entrances to tight inspections and searches. The Israeli forces controlled a barn for livestock and a farm near the gas station, located at the main entrance to the west of the village and leading to the neighboring village of Umm Safa. The Israeli soldiers have searched, since the start of inspections in the village, mountains, and fields two days ago, a number of houses, including the house of the exiled Saleh A’ruri and they delivered a notice to destroy it to his family, as well as the home of Rashid A’ruri, and the house of Fadi Nabil Khseib. The Israeli forces have focused their operations this day in Alkirkfa area the area opposite to Salfit, and that the soldiers subjected the vehicles that traveled between the village and the villages of A’bwin, Mazari’ An-Nubani and Um Saffa to inspection and checking the identities of the passengers.

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