Arrests 20-4-2016

Jerusalem: Israeli army stormed the town of Isaweyah and arrested Bashar Naser Mahmoud, Firas Nedal Mahmoud, Khaled Jamal Mahmoud, Motasem Abu Reyaleh, Ahmad Ateyah, the child Mohammed Khaled Mahmoud 10-year-old, the child Ahmad Haytham Mahmoud, Ahmad Anwar Jamjoum 13-year-old, Yaseem Soboh, Dawood Yousef Ateyah, Musa Ibrahim Darweesh, Mahmoud Awadallah Derbas, Ahmad Yousef Ali Obeid 16-year-old, Mohammed Thaer Mahmoud, Hussein Darweesh, Mohammed Abed al-Hafez ATEYAH, ameer Mohammed Badawi, Wadee Tawfeeq Abu Homo and other citizens.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mohammed Fayez Taqatqah 15-year-old and Wesam Jamal Taqatqah from the town of Beet Fajar.
Nablus: Israeli army stormed the town of Boreen and arrested Ameer Hesham Qados 27-year-old during his trip to Jordan.

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