Arrests of Civilians – 27-06-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli forces arrested three youths from Sur Baher, they are Mohsen A’twan, 15 years, Ahmad Al-Hamid 15 years and Ahmed Jada Allah.

Hebron – The occupation forces raided several neighborhoods in Hebron city, particularly the areas of Ras Al-Jura, Bi’r Al-Mahjar, Ar-Ras and Al-Ja’bari neighborhood. They raided a number of the citizens’ houses and caused damage to them, and arrested 10 people, known of them: the two brothers Faris and Nasser Fahad Al-Ja’bari, and Thaer Al-Ja’bari, Makrum Al-Ja’bari, Radi Al-Ja’bari, Ibrahim Al-Badawi, Ismail Sa’id Banat and Yousef Mahmoud Jabarin.

Hebron – The Israeli forces arrested four brothers, they are Khaled (33 years), Khaldoun (29 years), Khuwailid (28 years), and Mohamed Abdel Kader Akhalil during clashes erupted in Beit Ummar town. Those clashes were concentrated in different neighborhoods of the town, particularly in Al-Mantara and Beit Za’ta areas. A number of citizens were injured with suffocation and fainting. The Israeli forces raided some houses and wreaked havoc in them.

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