Racist Rabbi Aliezar Keshtael SAYS: Jews are Genetically Superior, And Arabs Must Be Slaves For Them

“For sure, we are racists ..there are races in this world, and there are genetic maps too. there are peoples around us suffering genetic defect. We tell them: You must become slaves for us … Arabs love slavery life under occupation”.

These words summarize ideas of racist rabbi Aliezar Keshtael, which he introduces in front of students of the preparatory “Yeshevo” school for military service in the settlement of “Ele” located in Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

Lawyer and activist Yaer Nehwari wrote that “Rabbi Sadan and the fundamentalist Judaism don’t prefer these ideas be known by the public at the website of the preparatory school in “Eli” under the title of “Slavery and Labor position in Judiasm”.

Rabbi Keshtael says “Yes, we are racists .. I see we are reaching many achievements more than they do in of moral and intellectual and personal fields. so I have to help them and not letting them alone like the poor”.

He adds “We help them by saying become our slaves”.

It is trustworthy to note that the preparatory school “Yeshevot” in “Ele” settlement gains support from the Israeli government with a sum of 10 million shekels yearly.  

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