Injuries of Civilians 26-09-2014

Jerusalem – One of the outposts guard in Silwan ran over the child Adam Ar-Rishiq, 11 years, and fled.

Ramallah- The Israeli occupation forces suppressed An-Nabi Saleh weekly anti-occupation and settlement march that started from the Martyrs’ Square in the center of the village, towards the land threatened with confiscation. Large troops of the occupation army brutally attacked the march without regard for the presence of children and women. Dozens of people suffered from suffocation and extreme number of demonstrators were injured by rubber bullets as a result of indiscriminate repression carried out by Israeli soldiers deployed in the vicinity of the village and on the entrances since the early morning hours.

Ramallah- A citizen was injured, and dozens of citizens and international activists suffocated after the occupation forces suppressed Bil’in weekly anti-settlement and the apartheid wall march. When the march went out of the village towards the lands confiscated, it was intercepted by the Israeli soldiers who fired metal bullets, gas and stun grenades, injuring a young man slightly in addition to dozens of cases with suffocation.

Bethlehem- A number of citizens suffocated in clashes with Israeli forces in the Wadi Fukin village, when the occupation forces suppressed a peaceful march started from the front of the mosque of the village towards the land threatened with confiscation in AlKhamsa and Al-Kaneisa’ area, east of the village, to condemn the occupation declaration to confiscate it for settlement purposes. The occupation soldiers intercepted the marchers by firing tear toxic gas and stun grenades which led to the injury of a number of the participants with suffocation.

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