Injuries of Civilians 01-08-2014

Eleven young people were injured by live ammunition and rubber bullets, in addition to dozens who suffered from suffocation due to inhalation of tear gas canisters in the violent clashes, which broke out between dozens of Palestinian youths and Israeli forces near Qalandia military checkpoint, north of Jerusalem.
A number of citizens were injured with various wounds, when the occupation forces suppressed the citizens participating in a march to condemn the aggression of the Israeli occupation. The clashes happened near Beit Exa northwest of Jerusalem.
The boy Majd Bernat, 16 years, was injured in violent clashes broke out in Bilin village and taken to the Palestine Medical Complex.
Violent clashes broke out between Palestinian and foreign demonstrators on the one hand and the occupation army on the other hand, in Nabi Saleh village, after the occupation suppressed An-Nabi Saleh weekly march, which was launched in anger at the crimes of the Israeli occupation continued against our people in Gaza Strip. Dozens of demonstrators were injured during the clashes, with rubber and metal bullets, and severe suffocation due to the arbitrary repression with heavy gas bombs, in addition to firing intensive live bullets against demonstrators in intention to murder and causing disability.
Number of youths were injured with rubber bullets during violent clashes that erupted between dozens of youths and Israeli forces in Ras Karkar village. The Israeli troops surrounded the village to storm it; they closed the main road leading to the village and prevented the movement of people in it. The occupation forces fired rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades heavily at the youths gathered inside the village.
Fifteen young people were injured, five of them were injured with live ammunition, and one of them was described as serious, due to live bullets in the chest. Dozens were suffocated severely in the violent clashes that erupted yesterday in Saffa village, west of Ramallah, between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces.
The youth Hassan Khaled Issa, from Salem village was injured with the occupation bullets on Beit Dagan Junction.
The youth A’tta Abu Ghalyun was moderately wounded during the clashes took place near the A’skar refugee camp.
Six young men were injured with the bullets of the Israeli troops in clashes that erupted at the Huwwara checkpoint. The Israeli soldiers also opened fire directly at one of the ambulances of the Palestinian Medical Relief, which was transporting the injured to hospitals.
Six people were wounded by gunfire, one of them was half-paralyzed due to the back injury, during clashes between youths and Israeli soldiers west of Tulkarem. The Israeli soldiers attacked the march with live bullets, tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, injuring a number of other young men with medium and serious injuries; they were taken to Dr. Thabet Thabet governmental hospital for treatment.
Six citizens from Kufr Qaddum were injured with live ammunition, during the suppression of the occupation forces to Kufr Qaddum weekly peaceful march. The occupation forces used live bullets, sound bombs and poison gas.
The youth Maher Mahmoud Rbayah, 30 years, was injured with a live bullet in his thigh, which led to a severe bleeding, he was given first aid and then transferred to Beit Jala Hospital for treatment and his condition was described as serious.
The Israeli forces suppressed Al-Ma’asara weekly march condemning the annexation wall and settlement expansion, and wounded a number of participants with suffocation. The occupation forces attacked the participants with beating while trying to get to the site of the wall, and then repressed them by firing tear gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets, injuring a number of citizens with suffocation.
The Israeli forces suppressed a march in solidarity with the Gaza in Beit Ummar town. They fired rubber bullets, stun grenades and gas, injuring a number of demonstrators with rubber bullets and suffocation.
More than 105 youths were injured with live bullets in the lower parts of their bodies, including three injuries described as serious. Number of others were injured with rubber bullets, and dozens with suffocation, in clashes, which broke out between youths and Israeli forces in Bab Az-Zawya in the center of Hebron. The Israeli soldiers fired live bullets towards young people by guns with silencers, and dozens were injured in the thigh and leg; they were taken by ambulances and private cars to Hebron governmental hospital for treatment.

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