Injuries of Civilians 31-10-2014

Jerusalem-The occupation forces arrested Tawfiq Hirbawi from Wade Al-Juz after firing bullets at him.

Jerusalem- Eight youths were injured with live bullets, one of them very seriously, in violent clashes erupted after Friday prayers near the Qalandia refugee camp, while a number of others were injured with rubber bullets and inhalation of tear gas. Medical sources said that the youth Yusuf Mohammed Khatib (26 years) was injured very seriously, as he was wounded by four live bullets in different parts of his body.

Jerusalem-Nine youths were injured with rubber-coated metal bullets, as well as cases of suffocation due to inhalation of large amounts of tear gas in violent clashes erupted in Ar-Ram town.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces attacked the employee of the Islamic Waqf Jad Allah Al-Ghoul by severe beating, while trying to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Ramallah- Dozens of citizens and foreign peace activists were severely suffocated after inhaling poison gas when the occupation suppressed Bil’in weekly march.

Ramallah- A child and a young man were shot by the Israeli occupation during clashes with Israeli forces in An-Nabi Saleh village. The clashes broke out after the occupation forces suppressed An-Nabi Saleh weekly march against the occupation and settlement, which launched today to express anger due to escalating Israeli violations against our people in Jerusalem.

Ramallah- Three young men were injured with bullets and dozens of cases with suffocation and a journalist was arrested in violent confrontations with the occupation forces in Silwad town, as the Israeli forces fired a barrage of gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets toward the youths who responded by throwing stones at the western entrance to Silwad, wounding an elderly with suffocation, he was transferred to the hospital. Three other youths were injured with rubber bullets.

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