Arrests 17-10-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested this afternoon the father and the mother of the martyr child Moataz Ahmed E’oissat, and two of his brothers after breaking into their house and searching it in Jabal Al-Mukabbir village, south of Jerusalem. Sources knew that the disguised occupation forces accompanied by intelligence and special units raided the house of the martyr Moataz E’oissat.
Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces arrested three young men from Silwad village, east of Ramallah, in the wake of clashes in the town, on Friday afternoon.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested this afternoon, two young men from Ar-Ras area, near the Jewish settlement of “Kiryat Arba”, east of Hebron, sources reported that the Israeli forces arrested the two young men: Jamal Ahmed Al-Ja’abari and Mohammed Juma’a Al-Ja’abari after raiding their homes and took them to an unknown destination.
Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men from Jenin yesterday near Jalama military checkpoint, north-east of Jenin, they arrested Ahmed Hussein Hannuni (33 years), and Ahmed Alaa At-Tahir, 18 years, had been arrested near the mentioned military checkpoint.

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