Arrests 26-10-2015

Jerusalem: The occupation forces arrested the two brothers Mu’taz and Fathi Jabir, after raiding their home in As-Sa’adiyya district leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: The occupation forces raided At-Thuri neighborhood in Silwan town, and arrested each of: Shady Ghurab (17 years), and Tamer al-Qawasmi, 18 years, they also raided Ras al-A’mud neighborhood in Silwan and arrested Nadir Marwan Nasser.
Ramallah: Israeli forces arrested three young men from Al-Jalazoun refugee camp in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, they are: Ameir Juma Hmeidat, Mohammed Raja’i Abu Nusra and Yahya Nufal Ali Zaid, they also arrested two young men from Qalandiya refugee camp.
Hebron: Israeli forces raided Farsh Al-Hawa area in Hebron, and broke into a number of shops and arrested Eyad Mohammed Abu Aisha near the Magistrate Court in the city.
Hebron: Israeli forces aided Hebron, and arrested Basim Shaker Fakhouri, 17 years, and the two brothers, Mahmoud, 25, and Ahmed Humaidan Qawasmeh (24 years), after searching their home and tampering with its contents.
Hebron: Media Coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlement in Beit Ummar, Mohamed Awad, said that the Israeli forces raided A’seida area in the town, and arrested former prisoner Murshid Mohammed Murshid Za’aqiq (40 years) after breaking the door of his house and tampering with its contents.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Jamal Awni Al-A’dam, 41 years, from Beit Ula, west of Hebron, and took him to an unknown destination.
Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn, the youth Mu’taz Sameir Salfiti, 27 years, from Jenin, after they stormed the city and raided and searching the house of his family in Jabal Abu-Thuhair neighborhood.
Tulkarem: Israeli occupation forces arrested at dawn, the two youths Al’a Faisal Attili, 23 years, from A’ttil, he is a released prisoner, and Al’a Addin Mohammed Hamdan (24 years) from Sida, a student at the Khadouri University.
Qalqilya: Israeli forces arrested the released prisoners Ihab As-Sidda, Abdel Hadi Sbitah, Ameir Dahbour and A’rif Saleim, and Mahmoud Gannawi and Mujahid Sbitah.
Jericho: Occupation forces raided Al-A’uja town in Jericho and arrested the two youths: Ahmed Jamil Jrahid (19 years) and Ra’d Awwad Jrahid (21 years).

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