Arrests 30-11-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Mohammad Bayaa 14-year-old near the Shufat refugee camp.
Tulkarm: IOF arrested Rabah Mohammad Abed al-Fatah Labadi 28-year-old from the town of Zeta after raiding his house.
Jenin: IOF arrested Ex-detainee Adnan Yaseen Mustafa Hamarshe 48-year-old and his brother Alaa 40-year-old.
Nablus: IOF arrested Bahaa Tayseer Abed al-Haq from Nablus after raiding his house.
Hebron: IOF arrested Mohammad Hamdi Zamel 42-year-old and ex-detainee Ahmad Issa Safi 19-year-old and Ekhdeir Yousef Awad 19-year-old.
Hebron: IOF arrested Belal Yousef Jabareen after raiding the town of Bani Nueem.
Hebron: IOF arrested Yazxan Emad Zeebeh 22-year-old and Mahmoud Khaleel Hadeeb 20-year-old.
Hebron: IOF arrested Nour al-Deen Aref Tarda 18-year-old and stormed the house of Taha Hussein Tarda 18-year-old.

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