Arrests of Civilians – 10-06-2014

Jerusalem – IOF arrested Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Sneeneh 24-year-old and Ayoub Dawood from the old city of Jerusalem.

Israeli – Intelligence arrested Hasan Firawi 47-year-old after interrogating him in investigation center in Jerusalem.

Jenin – IOF arrested Asem Sameeh Ka’ki 22-year-old at Shafi Shamroun military settlement.

Jenin – IOF raided the city of Jenin and arrested Najeeb Mohammad Naser 25-year-old.

Jenin – IOF arrested ex-detainee Jameel Abed al-Latif Nabhan 25-year-old from Jenin refugee camp.

Hebron – IOF raided the city of Hebron and arrested Sa’d Abudallah Abu Hussein 28-year-old.

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