Rights Organization: “Magen David Adom” Medical Staff Plays Down Life And Work When It Comes To Palestinian Lives

Israeli ambulance service, Magen David Adom, affirmed accusation against it that it refrains from serving Palestinian injuries. It refrained from serving a Palestinian child 16-year-old with its service ambulance when he was shot by Israeli occupation police near Al-Silsela gate in the old city of Jerusalem, in mid-August 2019.

Haaretz newspapers indicated on Tuesday 24-12-2019 that according to medical documents, staff of “Magen David Adom” refrained from serving the wounded child under the pretext of being dead.

Israeli Human rights organization, B’Tselem, said that “the truth is that no one in the people in the place tried to check of the child was alive or dead, and whether he needed medical treatment. This indicates that the medical staff played down life and work when it comes to Palestinian lives”.

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