Arrests of Civilians – 09-06-2014

Jenin – The Israeli occupation forces arrested a university student from Al-Yamoun town; he is Aseid Jihad Nawahda 20 years at a sudden military checkpoint set up South of Jenin on Nablus Street.

Jenin – The Israeli forces arrested the citizen Baker Riad Tawfiq Qandil 24, from Jenin at a military checkpoint at the crossroads of A’rraba town.

Tulkarim – The occupation forces stormed A’ttil village and arrested the citizen Jamal Mahmoud Abu Khalil 26 years.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces stormed Al-A’rroub camp and arrested six citizens, they are; Khaled Jibril Jawabreh, Zakaria Nabil Al-Qeiq, Salah Hasaniyya, I’mad Khaled Al-Jundi, Malik Abu Haykal Jawabrih and Mahmoud Ziad Al-Muzayyan and took them to an unknown destination.

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